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Improve you’re homes equity with a room addition or unfinished space conversion.


Create space, open your floor plan or add a second story. The sky is the limit!


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There are many different reasons why someone would need a room addition. As we experience the current housing crisis, a room addition that can be rented out can help people looking for an affordable place to stay. Or it can be used to accommodate a growing family, friends or relatives who drop by unexpectedly, and even as a personal place for work or fun.

The key to a good room addition is using a good contractor that knows proper construction techniques, and one that can also help you successfully navigate getting the right permits so that your room addition is done legally. We are here to make you rethink moving. A room addition allows you to get another ten or twenty years use out of your existing home without the expense and headaches of buying a new home.

One may decide to build outwards, upwards, or downwards from the home structure in existence. Therefore, depending on what a person hopes to achieve with a home addition project, it is necessary to seek an architectural design consultant or structural engineer to help with the questions about the home addition cost, arrangement, family needs, architectural and structural design, specific materials, planning, etc.

A home expansion is a cost-effective way to solve a host of problems and inconveniences. An additional bath or half-bath can solve morning-routine bottlenecks and a home makeover can rescue your garage from exercise equipment, a home business, or simply storage, letting you park your car “indoors” once again. You should be aware that the added value to a home is usually less than the cost of the addition, but that’s no problem if you’re planning to stay awhile and enjoy the added space and new features.

Additions often cost less than moving, and the kids get to stay in the same schools. And your new room will be exactly what you want. But you absolutely must insist on a top-quality room addition contractor, licensed and experienced in every aspect of construction. You also need an expert designer to provide the look and features you want in the smallest reasonable area so that there’s no unnecessary square footage nor costly details that add little to your enjoyment.